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Please contact Mandy at or text (973)2707492 to schedule all classes, coaching, and energy healing. 

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Yoga, Holistic Health Coaching, and so much more!
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Meet Nature's Yoga and its Owner!

Welcome to better health and wellness!

Nature's Yoga is a holistic health business located in Lafayette, NJ. We provide Yoga classes, Holistic Health & Nutritional Counseling, Energy Healing Modalities, and Aromatherapy. It is our goal to help others achieve a balanced state of health and wellness in all areas of their lives. 

Yoga, meaning "Union", strives to unite and balance the body, mind, and soul of individuals while uniting them and bringing them into balance with the Universal body, mind, and soul. Practicing yoga will help a person to achieve a sense of well-being and health in their everyday lives. It is perfect for all ages, body types, ailments, etc. It incorporates physical poses, breathing techniques, meditation, education, and even Karma to bring a person towards a state of enlightenment. 

Mandy is the sole proprietor and teacher at Nature's Yoga. She is a Registered Nurse with her BSN from William Paterson University and has her Masters of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Science. She has been practicing yoga on her own since the age of twelve and has been a 200 hour certified teacher since 2013. Mandy is passionate about bringing health and wellness into the lives of her clients. Her goal is to help educate others to keep them healthy and to prevent the need for allopathic medicine. She lives in Lafayette, NJ with her husband, step son, and the newest addition, her baby daughter! In her free time Mandy loves to can food, cook from scratch, and care for her small homestead - garden, chickens, ducks, and even a pig named Roxy!

Contact Mandy today to see how Nature's Yoga can help you!

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why the Holistic Approach?

The Holistic Approach allows us to look at all areas of your life to create a plan to help you achieve ultimate health and wellness! Elements of this plan may include yoga, holistic health coaching, energy healing, nutritional changes, and education about herbal supplements that may provide support to your overall well-being! See below to discover what this approach can help with!


Yoga, a healthy diet, certain herbal supplements, and an overall calmer being will optimize your digestive system!


By connecting with your body and giving it what it needs to thrive, you will feel more energized and likely sleep better as well!


As we bend and twist our bodies, we massage our digestive systems as well as our muscles. Combine that with a healthy diet and maybe some energy healing and supplements, and you will feel yourself detoxing physically, mentally, and maybe even spiritually!

Women's Health

By balancing your body and mind, your can also bring your hormones into balance. Learn about different nutritional and supplemental elements that can help to optimize your health!

Weight Loss

The physical practice of yoga combined with a healthy diet will naturally bring you to a healthy weight!


Through breathing exercises, calming poses, and soothing aromatherapy you can significantly lower your stress levels and help you to achieve deeper health goals!


"Thank you so much for this month's Ultimate Yoga classes - every morning the class is exactly what i need! I do hope you consider doing another month of this in August or something similar  I really appreciate having this yoga to start my day right!"

                                                                                - JH



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